How can i make this door?

hi guys i wonder how can i make that door and top of it ? i tried few tricks but it didn’t work well. thanks for helping.

Circle, multiple extrude and shift in height, delete bottom half…

i did like that but i need to connect right and left wooden things to in it

The picture you posted show you exactly how to make it. Just insert a circle, extrude, scale down, delete bottom half and then it’s just few more extrusions.

Not sure what “wooden things” you have in mind. If that’s the frame of the door then it doesn’t have to be connected at all



still i didnt understand can u explain how u did it :frowning:

It’s Sunday . . . have an info-graphic :slight_smile:



so much thanks <3 u saved my brain :smiley:

Edit: did not see this already answered, oops :slight_smile: maybe it helps anyway!
ok, here we go step by step:

  1. Add circle
  2. delete half (i added a mirror modifier, but that’s optional)
  3. extrude, scale 0 along y axis (might differ on your orientation)
  4. extrude sides, scale 0 along x axis, extrude lowest vertices downwards

this solution good too thanks for everything guys <3

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