how can I make this look better? (Flat and disgusting looking??)

Especially around the mouth and eyes and some parts of the tail. But mostly the face and fin. It just looks really disgusting, I’ve tried fiddling around with some settings but that just makes it look worse. Maybe it’s the UV, because really all it is is just one color in that area (I want to keep that kind of cartoony look). Maybe add some freckly type things would that help?? Any help would be awesome guys, thanks in advance.

it looks pretty good so far
but you can paint so more detail on your UV texture if you’re not happy with it

you can also paint some shading or Bake the AO to the texture to give it a bit of light and shade

More shadow (or not shadowed darker red) around the mouth crease, I think it would make it pop more… Finding Nemo 2?

I’ll give that a try.

LOL. Kinda, it’s for a video competition for a post secondary scholarship. So I’m trying to get everything together as fast as possible (Due May 9th, eek!).

Speaking of which I also need some help with my rig, If anyone here has spare minute?

what;s the issue

you might want to post it in a new thread so it has a more relevant title

Well it’s just I don’t have a ton of experience with rigging, and I’m just a little unsure of how to set it up for this guy.
Anyway here’s a little fix I did on the texture.
And while I was at it I thought I might as well add a progress pic of his Tank.
Yes I know I need a better texture for the window. Out the window will be a nice big ocean. Although I’m not sure about the glass for his tank.(Whether keep it or get rid of it.) For one it eats up render time and it’s going to be in every shot. Sooo yah.

Take off the ray mirror for the tank, its not doing much and it will lower render times.

Okay I turned ray mirror off. But now it’s doing this.

Raise the Depth value for Ray Transparency.