How can i make this look realistic

Did this a few months ago but to this day can’t get my head around on how do i make this look realistic, maybe the grunge maps are a bit too much, maybe the lighting


There is a lot of noise in the render, might want to work that out first.


Well its really bright outside, so maybe add the sun shining with the lamp and plant pot shadow?

Also you have 10 wine glasses but 4 chairs and 3 bowls. You do have 4 plates though, why add so many dishes and cutlery if only 4 people are going to eat?

The carpet has white squares on it, why is that, is that some sort of design?

Why would you have a lamp in the window, if when it does get dark you already have the lamp above the table?

I don’t think walls are reflective enough to reflect plant pots.

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My eye is drawn to the building we can see out the window which seems to be in the middle of falling over


If you are struggling with removing noise with cycles, just use Eevee, the main reason why people don’t use it is because its not as photorealistic as Cycles, it used to not do global illumination properly but somebody made an ad on that fixed that.

If you are using Cycles, turn on adaptive sampling, GPU compute and use the compositor, you can find more tips on YouTube but those are a few I know.

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Yes, I’m quite aware of the noise, wasn’t thinking about posting it here when i rendered it, the samples are a bit too low i forgot to mention it was intended, my computer is not that good and if i up the samples a bit for a scene like this with denoiser it would go about 2h.


Good point, i definitely missed out on that one, i just tried using a plane with the image there so it wouldn’t look as boring, was so focused on that that i forgot about how weird it looks. Thank you


I do have to agree that it’s quite bright outside, I used the word lighting at 80.000 maybe that’s a lot but i did try lowering it and the scene looked a bit dark, also i tried with an HDRI and basically got the same result, but i’ll try messing with the sun lamp itself and see if i can get some good results with the light from the outside and the shadows that it casts.

Regarding the Cups and the other stuff, i basically used it to fill the scene didn’t put much thought into it but you’re right looks a bit odd no good story behind it. The carpet’s white spots its the material that i used from cc0textures, the hair particles are hiding the design a bit, it was my first time trying to create a rug so i didn’t expect much from it.

The reason the lamp is there is that i was using an image from IKEA as a reference and it had the extra lamp there.

Thank you for your comment.

The reference image that i used :


This image appears to have all the right things for realism, but somehow doesn’t quite reach it, having a mild scent of artificialness. It’s not right away obvious why.

The bright cityscape outdoors, light flooding in through the window, and the cold indoor daylight fading to the right away from the window looks realistic. I’ve seen such in real life. I’m not sure I’d change that at all. The textures and shapes - I want to look at closer. There is grunge, the varying roughness on the floor. Definitely not too much. Maybe needs more? I’m not sure, as real life surface can have that much, or more, or less. The wood of the chairs and table - doesn’t look unreal but maybe try other wood textures.

What if the scale of the wood textures, the streaking, the grunge were changed a little? I often adjust such things to what looks good and real, but eventually check with reference photos or images found online, and I see my guess was off a bit.

The thing that seem least realistic about the scene is the table, chairs and rug seem too exactly straight, exactly parallel to the walls and counter. Then again, I’ve heard stories from divorced millionaire’s wives about their eccentric ex-husbands being neat freaks. Chairs had to be placed exactly such-and-so a way relative to seams or patterns on the floor. So this super-straightness is found in the real world, just not for us normal folk.

The wine glasses look a bit not-there, ghostly, needing more substance or weight. A bit more, not a lot more. Increase the IOR, or use less grunge, increase the specular. What shader did you use? Try another way of making glass.

Not related to realism but still something to consider improving is that hanging lamp is positioned right over that dark cabinet, aligned to well side to edge. Move it or the camera a bit for a pleasing overlap but no accidental alignments.


Thank you for your take on it, i will definitely mess with scale values to see if i can get it to look better, and you’re right about the wood material, wasn’t so sure about that when i did it, it looked a bit the same maybe too uniform.

For the glass, i used a basic Glass BSDF with 1.330 ior with a roughness map for fingerprints. I don’t know a lot about ior values but maybe i should’ve used the default 1.450.

Water is 1.33 while glass can vary but generally 1.4 to 1.5 or so.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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looks great from the thumbnail, but when looking closely the specularity looks off on some of the objects. like the chairs and the pots.