How can I make this material? See through glow skin

Hi guys, a client wants me to create this effect

I will buy a 3D model of a woman for this, but im not sure how to create this effect that will make here transparent with glowing edges… Can anybody tell me how to make this effect?


Something like this?

Yeah that seems about right!
Is there a way to control the transparency aswell? So I can keyframe it from solid to transparent?
And did you to this in Eevee? (I need to do it in Eevee)


Work in EEvEE and Cycles

I think you can control using a colorramp. I don’t know more, sorry.
(English isn’t my language)

Dont worry, this was very helpfull anyways, thank you!

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here is another set up to test

happy bl

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Thanks for this, great starting point thanks!