How can I make this model appear smoother?

I tried to make a model with not too many polygons, like the ones we see made for videogames, where they look realistic, but in fact are made with a small amount of polygons. And when you see their wireframe, the polygons are very smoothed out, and the shading without the material applied looks smooth as well. Like this example:

As opposed to my model, where you can clearly see each and every one of the faces it is created with.
My Model:

Every face reacts to the lighting individually, instead of “spreading out” the light and shadow making it look smooth.
How can I achieve this? What have I done wrong? Of course, my model has way more topology than the example I gave, which, in my head it would make more sense if my model looked smooth and the lower poly model’s shading looked more blocky. But clearly that is not the case.

So what am I doing wrong? Is there an extra step I need to take?

Please help!

What you are looking for is the „Shade smooth“ option. This can be activated in different ways, look here for a detailed explanation:

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thank you for your reply!!!

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For a little bit more detail on making your objects smoother, see my post here: Not like glass

Also, @Joey_Hillerst mentioned the use of Auto Smooth as an option for smoothing in this post here: Not like glass

You may not want to use Auto Smooth on a character that has the potential of being animated. You may end up deforming your mesh past the angle threshold, and that wouldn’t be good to have flat and smooth shading popping in and out during an animation. Additionally, you can selectively shade smooth different faces in the same mesh by doing so in Edit Mode. You select the faces you want smooth and perform the Shade Smooth procedure described above. Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much for your reply! I will definitely try those options out!

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