How can I make this tileable?

I have a Texture and Normal map ready to go, however these are intended to be a fixed size (1 x 1m) and is intended to be tileable. The texture is not unique (Intended to be used on a variety of models as a tileable texture)

I know the mapping node is a way to make textures tileable, although it does not keep the 1m size rule.

In this instance, the wall is 3 x 2m, so the texture should be tileable with 6 tiles. Again, fixed size.

Note: Obviously, I know I can resize it using the scale tool in the Mapping node, however, this is not transferable from model to model. The material MUST be used in 1m squares.

r/blender - How can I make this tileable?

How do you plan on applying this texture to the object. Do you require UV mapping or would Box mapping do the trick, as well?

For box mapping you could simply use the Object coordinates to ma your textures.

Try using the UV editor to align the texture the way you like. To avoid repeating this process, you can make a wall asset to link into your scene and duplicate.