How can I make trees that have no collision on a hex that has collision?

I created hexes and they work fine. Now I wanted to add 3 trees on some of the hexes. The trees have collision, so I can’t place figurines on top of them in Tabletop Simulator. But I want to put stuff there. How can I make stuff visible but have no colission with other objects so a figurine can standIN the trees?

Can someone point me into the right direction? I had problems with objects falling through and someone said it was because my model had its face on the outside due to strange negative-scaling etc. He told me to hit CTRL-N to make all faces be front-facing faces.

Would the easiest / cleanest solution be to somehow mark the whole tree and then turn all its faces to inside faces? But then it would become invisible, too? Hm. Can someone help me? :slight_smile:

Ok, I found out how to do it in Tabletop Simulator. Just export what you want to see as ONE .obj, and then the collision as a 2nd file and paste them into the first field and the collision field … I tried to solve this in blender but it is solved outside.