How can I make vertices of one object follow another object's vertices transformation?

I have 2 objects and need a vertex group of 1st object to follow all transformation of vertex group of 2nd object. I tried parenting vertex but it only parents origins so it’s not what I need. And I don’t want to do it with bones because there are plenty already.

Have you tried the shrink wrap modifier?

Yeah, it has significant distortion if shape key is applied to object. I guess the only way is bones or duplicate transformation bu hand.

A pic or two, or even a simplified .blend file, would help to see what could be done here.

It sounds to me like your Vertex Parent method might work, in conjunction with hooks? Depending on the complexity of the mesh components involved, of course.

As for bones, would you really have to add more? If the deformations are to be the same, why not just use the same Armature/bones for both meshes?

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file11.blend (660.1 KB)
Here. It has a green object on top of blue object. Both objects have same circle cut out in the center. I have a shapekey applied to green object. So basically what I need is when a central circle of green object is moving so does central circle of blue object. I could do shapekey for blue object and attach both green and blue objects’ shapekeys to driver, but I kinda need less time consuming solution.

I guess you could use meshdeform or surface deform. I usually use an extra solodify or displace modifier to give better coverage. I didn’t use vert groups since the surface deform worked quite well in this case but the there’s an option for that as well.

file11.blend (673.9 KB)


Thanks! That’s interesting workaround, I’ll check it

Hey @AnnaIv, @dan2 seems to have the right solution. I experimented with hooks + vertex parenting, but that would be overly complicated I think. Too many empties might be as bad as a ‘too many bones’ setup.

If you apply the solidify modifier and put a mask modifier on that source mesh to hide the extra faces, you should be good to go. :+1:

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Cire, dan2 Thanks for the info! By the way, is there a way to prevent blue object from moving? I need only inner circle to get transformations, not entire object.

You can unbind the surface deform, set the interpolation falloff to 16 and bind again. It’s tricky with sparse geometry like this one, those deform modifiers are far from rock solid.

Also, funny thing, triggering the shape key seems to have an impact on the antialaising, edges seem to jitter/blur when triggering it even when there’s no modifiers on either object. Might be just my pc though, or me having too much coffee.

Another thing that might help is to use corrective smooth for the outher edges, that was acting funny though in this case, probably cause of the ngons.

Thanks! I see this jittering too, but rendered video (4k) looks fine

I’m pretty sure it’s a viewport thing. No biggie as long one is aware.