How can i make water collige?

Well, i got some kind of river, but theres no water! (i model the “land”), so i want to put water on it, but i couldn´t manage how to make fluid animation to collige with an object so i can make it “follow” the river “hole” heres a pic and the blend file:

video.blend (741 KB)

Hey :slight_smile:
First make your domain big enough so that all of the landscape is inside of it. If you want to save some computation time, separate a duplicate copy of the river part of your mesh where the water will flow for collision and surround only that with domain. When you render you can show the whole landscape. To enable fluid collision just add fluid physics -> obstacle to your river bank object. For the collision work better add thickness to the collision ground. You can use the solidify modifier or just manually select all faces and extrude down some. Then all you need to do is add an inflow object where you want your fluid to come from. Adjust the initial inflow speed so that the fluid starts to flow along the river nicely.

*edit: also you might want to add an outflow object (just some thin cube that covers the down stream boundary of your domain) where your river ends, so that the water doesn’t start to stack up at end and flows through instead.

Good luck :wink:

I still don´t geting it, heres the blend and i tryed to follow your instruccions, whats the problem? And i need it for now ;.; yeah my english its bad i think thats the problem video2.blend (742 KB)video2.blend (742 KB)

Its alot to learn also to learn what you can and can not do and how to do it. so if you “need it soon” You need to search some tutorials ( Blender fluids). Here is the basic 3 objects you need. click the bake button and adjust settings.
video3.blend (1.28 MB)

Hey. I tried your scene, I too had some problems with the fluid going trough the ground… Applying the scale solved it somehow- press ctrl +A.

Thanks a lot, now i get how it works!