How can i model an endothelial cells wall, as this?

Please someone can tell me which principals steps do i have to follow to model a cell wall like these (but not high poly)
i mean, in the first 2 image, how the designer did the cells form a courve tube
and the below one, is it there some tecniques to ge that look of depth shape cells? and an automatic mosaic it
Wainting for help, Thanks!

How much experience do you have?
Have you given it an attempt?
Can you post some images of that attempt?

I haven’t got any ideas so far, but ifyou post those things maybbe someelse will post there idea. Try to help them as much as possible

No need for more details… The images already show all that we need to know.

And the answer is bump map and/or Displace modifier. For the close shot, however, I don’t think you’ll avoid some handy work… but you can still use and apply the Displace modifier to help you getting started and then add a bump map for the finer details.

Sorry, I don’t have exactly a cell-wall-bump-map texture in my stock… :wink: so I used an hexagonal pattern for the Displace modifier and some simple noise as bump map. You should get the idea any way.

When I was choosing the colors, I obtained some a bit disgusting images so I guess I’m on the right track. :eyebrowlift:

The blend file (for Cycles), if you want to see what I did: Forum Cell Wall.blend (147 KB)

Enjoy! :smiley:

It looks like a job for the Voronoi Cell Fracture, but sadly I don’t know about it.


The modeling techniques used will depend somwhat on the final usage of the image(s). Is this for an animation, a still, print media?

While Cell Fracture is quite easy to set up with some cylinder with applied Solidify (paint some dots with Grease pencil or use particles) , it wont allow to use anything to get bevel on fractured parts. So you can get only half of what’s seen in example images using it. Maybe that’s only me.