How can I model sand in Blender?


does somebody know how I can model sand in Blender? I tried it with many small cubes, but it was laggy and I was unable to render it becaue it said my Gpu has too few storage. So I have to find another way to produce sand in Blender. Does someone know a way? I want to create a small huddle of sand.

Thanks to everyone :slight_smile: Good night

I think creating actual small grains of sand would be counter-intuitive, unless this is for some scene that includes a microscope looking into those grains. Hereโ€™s another way:

You can make a plane, if you want to add some details, do some sculting and then use a displacement modifier, normal maps, bumps or you can use a procedural sand material like Ognjen said. This will give you enought realism for scene and environment rendering. Be sure to use high resolution textures. Happy blending!

ive already done this once,

what you see there is only a material on a flat plain using bumpmaps, ALL generated within blender. i will link you the blend file so you can play around.
its old though, so the material is not optimal.

i can help you figure out a optimal way to make what you want, but i need a spesific scenario. me for instance, i wanted to make a whole desert scene. also, there are different kinds of sand, provide us with referance images, and a describtion on what you want to make and i will reply to you within 4 hours. (unless im sleeping)