How can I model this mesh? Any help?

It’s funny. My friend is good at creating models and meshes and stuff, and I’m good with the advanced things like particles. But I can’t seem to do simple meshes…
I’m trying to make a Soda Can. If you look at this tutorial I’m following, how can I make the first mesh shown? The thing that you use to pop the top with, the small oval shaped thing with a hole in it. Here is the tutorial:

I can’t seem to make it. How can I…

  1. Make the shape of it?
    and then
  2. Put that hole in it?

Thanks a lot for any help.

Hi, that’s mine!

It is not actually a tutorial. It is just a few pictures on how I made the can.

I can write a tutorial for that same can, if you want.

Click here for another view of the soda cans

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oh, really? That’s yours?
Conveniant. <_<
Yeah, it’s not really a tutorial, but it’s something that helped me learn by looking at it. :smiley:
But yeah, if you could help me learn how to model those meshes, that’d be awesome. I’m really having trouble on all three. Like on the cylinder mesh, the top and bottom parts are killin’ me…

Oh, and by the way, that’s a great soda can you made.

Thanks! Nice to know that somebody has use of those pictures.

I’ll write a tutorial on the can. Something I have been wanting to do, but never got around to it. Give me a day to do it.

Try this…
In the meantime, I used a real photograph of a can. And I traced only half of it with vertices. Then in TOP VIEW of Blender, I used the Spin function to make a cylinder. Instant can.

The lid is just a fancy disk.

The pullTab was tricky, but basic.

I’ll reply with progress on the tutorial.

Thanks a lot. I’ll try more on the meshes in a bit, I’m learning more about UV stuff right now. :Z

This UVmap tutorial?

Nah, I already did that one. Got it to work nicely. That was a well-written one, good job.
Now I’m trying a different one that teaches me how to make a “Beware of Dog” sign. I can get it to look perfect in the 3D Window, but when I render it, I just get 2 white objects, no textures or anything. I can’t figure it out. :<

try pressing the tex-face button in the edit buttons. that seems to work for me when i get that problem (although im not quite sure)

No, that button is already pushed. Everything looks fine in the 3D Window, but no texture shows up in a render.

IN your render buttons, un-press the radiosity button. that may be causing your pic to be blown out white.

No, the Radiosity button is not turned on.
I think it has to do with the texture. Like I mapped it, but never applied any texture to the material. Could that be it? If so, how do I do it?

Check if you have the Texture channel checked on in the texture tab. There should be a little check mark beside it. You might have turned that off by accident. The texture would still be visible in the 3D window but it would not be rendered.

If you have a UVMapped texture AND a Material then you need to turn the TexFace button on in the Material tab in F5 or you’ll see the default white color of the VertexColors.


Here is the tutorial I followed. Maybe if you guys see what I did, you can see what I’m missing. Because I only did the steps given in the tutorial.
It is found here:

The zip file contains the textures needed, and an html document that has the tutorial.

The Soda Can Tutorial is being developed, but taking longer than expected.

This is not just a tutorial on how to make a high quality can, It is much more than that. It teaches a lot of regular stuff that the average noob needs to know.


Forum newbie here and Blender newbie too, so that can tutorial is excellent, lots of detail to help me follow things, please finish it off as soon as you can :smiley:
Thanks for your hard work

     regards Geoff

Oh good. How far did you get?
When this tutorial is finished, you will have created a realistic soda can.

Hi Spin

I finished it off in about 20 minutes or so, it looks pretty similar to your example. I am finding the basic Blender modelling not too tricky so far. Materials, textures and lighting are much harder for me to follow and get to grips with though.

Anyways waiting patiently for part 2, not very subtle hint :smiley:

 regards Geoff

one question, how do u cut the widgets off,nice tut btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Another Update for the Can Tutorial

GeoffW The materials and textures will be included, and very easy to follow.

higharc Do you mean, “turn them off”? Just click that little icon that looks like a hand.