how can i model this type of art...

i’m trying to model something similar to this piece of artwork by meats meier:

how would you suggest i make objects that look like they’ve been “woven”?
i would like to make a man who has been woven like a reed-basket for this scene that i’ve made so far (in blender of course)…

With patience.

While saxofoner’s reply is breathtakingly glib, it’s also–unfortunately–true.

Most I can think of would be a couple hundred nurbs curves with circles as extrudes, all woven by hand. That’s really all I think is an option right now.

i tried some stuff with particles/hair guides - but that went awry…extrude curves huh?

I don’t think there’s another way…although I once found something neat here: (and the following links…)

Well, it is quite an interesting technique which makes life easier…but I couldn’t find a way to reproduce it in Blender. And it would still require a lot of work either way so…there’s no way around it.

There is a script that gives a wireframe thickness.
So I would take a model of a face add loads of edge loops to get the density up and then remove intersections.

Then use proportional editing in “connected” mode to create variation in the lines before finally using the mentioned script.

Not too bad really. The basket is actually really easy this way.


yeah koba! i like that idea, sounds good - i knew there had to be a way to leverage blender’s modeling and python features…i’m gonna try that in the next coupla days

Vaguely intrigued, I have even better ways of doing this.

Take a Makehuman face and using a new build, use retopo to create loads of lines following the shape of the face. Smooth the lines to get rid of sharp edges. Then use the “edge to curve” python script to convert those lines to curves. Finally use BevOb and Taper Curves to your hearts content. You can even use the curve modifier to deform the selection further.

Or even better still check out this build:

Look at “guide_absolute_time” shows how you could even create a cool animated weave effect with particles. You would get exactly what you want and easier too as you would only need a few curves!