How can i Model this?

i need to make a model of this for 3d printing. it just has to be a STL (is that what you call it), monochrome, no rendering…

any ideas?

i dont know what you mean by stl…is that the file type for importing into the printing thing? what do you mean by monochrome…black and white?

but the modeling shouldn’t be too hard…start with a cube for the intersection and extrude the sides to form an x…with respect to the holes. with subsurf you should be able to tweak it into the right shape…you might need to crease some edges and stuff.

thats what im doing. the file needs to be a .stl, and i dont need to render it or anything.

so… for a COMPLETE noob (ive never used blender before. ive been using photoshop for about 5 years, and ive used Poser before), how should i do this? or maybe one of you guys could do a quick one for me?

oops double post

u’ll have to use VRML files - blender can’t export as .stl…go to file>>export in blender.

why in the world you want to print a quickie is beyond me but if you really want it: though it shouldn’t be that hard.

what are you using it for?

and i want to 3d print it. did you go to the link? im making a toothbrush holder, and i need a real-life model.

also, could you maybe just edit it so instead of rounded corners, its just all straight? thank you!

ohhh it’s a toothbrush holder…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: do the toothbrushes go in vertically?

ok. so will vrml files work?

may i ask again what you are going to use this for? am i supporting a commercial endevour or simply your hygiene?

that looks pretty good. is there a way i can put dimensions in? (inches)

its not commercial, its for my design class in University :).

oh, and yes, the toothbrushes go in vertically. i designed this toothbrush holder after the designer Philippe Starck

Use a CAD package or put the resultant output into a vector program (corel draw etc) and dim it up there. Blender really isnt a CAD system - its cool - but it aint CAD

I think you can export an STL, its 4th in the export menu. But true, you can’t specify dimensions, though there is a calliper script that might help:
As for realworld lengths, good luck.

A toothbrush holder. Interesting. So the dimensions of the holes in the crosspieces are critical, since a toothbrush has to fit through them. This isn’t clear from the image, the depressions in the crosspieces don’t look like they go through. Might be quicker to get some modeling clay, make a mold, pour in some quick hardening plaster, then make the holes with an auger and a coarse rat tail file. Total cost, material and tools, under $15. Unless the point of the course is to use that fascinating 3D printer at U Alberta.

Start with a plane, extrude to get a flat profile. Extrude it up. Alberta charges by height, so model it lying on its side. Cut the mesh with the loop cut tool just enough to get the holes modeled correctly.

Nice design, by the way. Modern, clean, could manufacture it out of colorful recycled plastic for a kid, but would also look good in ceramic or brushed aluminum in a sophisticated adult bathroom.

ah, i stand corrected. silly me didnt check the first four major ones and went down to the list below…

but yeah, i’d go about it a different way.

Its easy to miss, cos you expect it to be a more obscure format and there is no python logo;) . I spent hours tryin to find it…

u could export it as dxf, then load it into pepakura and then make it out of some sort of cardstock material - check out the “make a paper turkey tutorial” on