How can I move my ipod music to ipad?

How can I get the songs out of ipod and move them to ipad? they said copy the music to computer and then transfer to ipad. It sounds easy but that didn’t work at all!!! I tried so many times but when ipod was pluged in there was no music files shown on the computer! Anyone tried that before?

Sync your ipod with itunes to add music to your pc and then add the music to your ipad with itunes

I’d use a google search. This is the type of question that has been asked a million times on hundreds of apple forums so a step by step should be easily available

Could you provide a little more information? Does your iTunes currently have all of your music library on it, or have you deleted the tracks off after you synced it to your iPod? What kind of iPod are you using? The Classic/“Video”, nano, iPod Touch?

Also, make sure your iTunes is up to date.


Instead of going through all these troubles, you can simply download an app called MusConv that lets you transfer music as well as the playlists through multiple platforms. You can download the app from their website.

Perhaps you would get some third party music player with file browser that can allow you to move real files. Back when I used an iPhone4 I used to do it that way, however now I don’t know if it can be done that way.