How can I optimize this very large scene in order process animations from it?

Hi, I’ve been working on this pretty large scene for some time. It’s about 2,3GB with thousands of trees. Problem is I am not able to process an animation which I need to get done. I have tried using Google colab (Pro) but it shuts down after a while (I guess I am exceeding the available memory) also AWS is a right now not an option, since it’s taking me about 2,5-3 hours to process a single frame. Obviously this becomes very expensive, very very quickly, running up a 1000$+ bill for a 3min sequence…
How would you optimize it, or what do you think I should do? Thank you so much!

Try checking out this video, which describes pretty much exactly your problem:

Apart from that, if it’s trees that are slowind down your scene, the you could also try the Alpha Trees addon to replace them with realisitc billboards (Though I must confess that I’m a little biased in this recommendation since I also develop the addon :wink:):

Hope that helps!

Most of 3D softwares can’t handle very large scenes with thousands objects. For those cases there’s Clarisse IFX and Katana, they’re built for that and are VFX industry standard. These softwares don’t duplicate assets, it creates instances of it, which reduces memory consuption by insane amount compared to duplicates or particles systems. Clarisse has in-built render engine and Katana need a render engine license, yet support 3Delight which has a cloud render with very good price. Spending that amount per animation I would consider them. Both are kinda confusing at start, I suggest to download Clarisse Personal Learning and watch their beginners tutorial to clarify.