How can I "pin" a texture in place?

I’m working on an animation of a roll of carpet, or something, unrolling.

I decided to fake the unroll by moving a long thin plane along a curve (with Curve modifier), and placing a cylinder at the end. I had some other ideas too, but all basically involved moving the mesh.

But… doing this the image texture moves along with it. Is there some way I could “pin” down the texture to where it might appear as though the unrolled carpet is staying in place?


Try checking “bounds clamp” on the curve you’re using to control the mesh. It should move the object controlled by the modifier to beginning of the curve.

Oh wait, that only works for the mesh part.

Hmmm… UV mapping the plane? That should work. Also in Cycles, the vector mapping node might also be of use. In that case try setting the min & max properties.

Thanks for the input! I’ll look into the vector mapping. That sounds like it could be what I’m looking for.