How can I preserve UV and vertex color data in geomatry nodes?

Is there any way to preserve a input model’s UV and vertex colour data in geometry nodes? this seems like a ridiculously fundamental feature but I can for the life of me figure out how.

Attached you can see the original object on the left with 3 UV maps and 2 vertex color maps. but if I input that model into a geometry node all of that data is lost and I cannot see any way to preserve it, or find it again.

There is a bug report here about a similar situation however the response at the top makes it sound like the developers perspective on the problem is just that people are complaining that it’s not an automatic process but the data is still there somewhere.

Is there something I’m missing? is there no way at all to preserve that data threw geometry nodes?

Normally in 3.0 you have to connect one input grey empty dot. And then you ll have an input with a cross icon. Click on ot to specify that s an object attribute. And type Col for the vertex color channel name. For example