How can I prevent my player from sliding backwards?

Whenever I collide with another mesh and I let go of the forward button W I start to slide back for a moment.

Any ideas?

questionl.blend (749 KB)

You are probably using simple motion. :stuck_out_tongue: never use simple motion to move a dynamic object. What you need is Servo Control. :evilgrin:

Ok that helped though when I move it feels like I’m sliding on ice

You can fix that, however, how depend on what kind of movement You want (back/forward, rotate or back/forward/left/right) and what kind of feel You want. Basically, servo motion can be used to keep Your character still too (0 speed but allow force on some axis).

You can also experiment with friction, mass and damping.

This is one of my videotutorials, and I explain how to configure the kind of movement you are looking for. It is in spanish, but you can see the full configuration, and you can ask in english in the comment of the tutorial.

Thank you LaH and fisicomolon, I shall investigate!