How can I "program" textures to automatically change based on midi or recorded audio?

I want to create a series of animations that use controlled by music I am creating in a DAW. For many I’d like to transition between a collection of textures based on the recorded music or original midi files. With a way to fade/cross dissolve when switching to a different set of textures that will then be controlled by those files, and a way to select on the time line which texture sets to switch between.

I’ve tried to learn some python, but am having trouble. Is there a way to do this using nodes, or something else in Blender that would be easier to learn than Python? I’ve been using blender for years, but never tried to do anything this technical.


First you ve to manage your midi message or OSC message. so to do that, you can use the excellent addroute addon… from here:

the you can link whatever you need from blender to your network message.
Hope it ll help

and the place to read about it also here:

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Thank you. I may be in way over my head. I don’t know what a network message is.

midi is a network message

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You may search for “blender sound visualization” with your favorite search engine any may find something like Audio Visualizer or getting deeper with Visualizing Data with Blender Python. Maybe even look at Blender Midi controll addon… finding satisfying textures for music… well that’s another story…