How can I protect my addon code from scammers?

I am experimenting on an add-on which I am close to finish and I’ll share it totally free with a game community. But… As in outer life, this game community has some “weird” guys. These “weird” guys takes your work, whatever it is, they change some things so to make it looks a bit different, they put a price on it, they move your hard work into an other server, where you are unknown as person and they earn a lot of money of it!!! So what I need is your advice and your knowledge so to encrypt my add-on code or protect it in some way from all this situation

You are not allowed to do this “by design”, as soon as you share your addon under gpl, you must provide the source code.
Anyone is able to download, make changes, and redistribute even for a fee as long as sources also are shared.


If your add-on really good and original, who wants buy another add-ons?

If people want buy this add-ons, then they added more things, not only changed some things.

I don’t know if my add-on is really good and I can’t understand why that maters in case I want to protect it, but it’s original 101%. I started it from scratch, I worked for more than four months for this add-on and contains 101% of my hard work which yes, I want to share for free, but I also want to protect it from scammers who earn money from others hard work.

The specific ones who I am talking about, they just change some decorative parts, just to look a bit different and they sell it as their own somewhere else where I am unknown as person. Into an other server. I have already wrote that!!! Please read my question again.

Then, if another add-ons do not enough good than your add-on, can not sell. If he sells your add-on without enough change, then you must talk to administrator of the server.

If enough good than your add-on, this name is “Derivative Work”, and this is totally legal thing.

If you want closed code, then you must not use open source programs, you must use closed source programs like 3dsmax, Maya, etc.

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I think I explained it clearly. They will sell it somewhere else, into an other server, where people don’t even know that my add-on exists. And if I talk to the admin he will propably just ignore me, because they own the server. Anyway, thank you for your time my friend!!!

No legal and serious server can not ignore you, but you must right for your claim, and you must prove. Nearly all Blender users know this forum, and this forum is number one source of the Blender add-ons. One person firstly search on this forum, after that will buy.

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I think Hikmet explained it very well. If you’re playing the open source game, just do what you love and don’t invest energy into these worries!

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:weary: Okay, I’ll make one last try to explain… I am not talking about this forum!!! Neither for a Blender server or something. I am talking about a GAMING SERVER!!!

Open source is open source; legal server is legal server. Not different.

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So, this is not about a blender addon? Well, in that case it depends on the type of addon and type of game. Is it open source? What is the license? What language has the addon been coded in? How are the addons distributed? Are there any authorities (e.g. admins, publisher) you could contact?

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So, you are providing something for free, and then someone else is charging money for marketing it? This is the situation that Intellectual Property is designed to protect against. Personally, I think IP is a load of rubbish and you shouldn’t waste your time with it. However, if you want to go down that path, a “software copyright” is the best tool. As you’ve already discovered, though, enforcement is difficult in theory and impossible in practice.

Hi @Simonetos-The-Greek.
Please, could you answer these questions?

If you are giving it for free, share it on all social media. Blender nation, Facebook groups, make a YouTube video, Instagram spread the word and even put it on blender market and gumroad. On your code state that this is a free addon and this must be displayed on the code.

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It is a blender add-on and it comes with a specific blender file which contains exported model meshes with textures on from a game. Users who modding this game will use my add-on just as TOOL so to try their new created textures before they add them into the game.

This game has many modding communities all over the world and there are some people who get others work, my add-on for example, they make it look a bit different and then they SELL it to other users, to other servers, where members probably don’t know me or they haven’t heard about my FREE add-on and they especially selling it to KIDS!!!

I can’t understand why some of you making this kind of questions like I am the scammer or something!!! I just want to protect my FREE work from this scammers and those kids too.

Thank you all for your time!!!

Thank you for time and your advices my friend!!!

Okay, thank you for your time!!!

Woah hang on, do you have the right to use these meshes/textures and re-distribute them? Which game is this?

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Those meshes are easy to find everywhere in those servers and I am not re-distribute them. I make this “tool” just for preview use.

Well you did write that you will include the models in your .blend:

It is a blender add-on and it comes with a specific blender file which contains exported model

And being able to ‘find something on the internet’ does not make it legal. Ripping models from games is not allowed in most cases. Unless you have the permission from the publisher you should not include them in your add-on.