How can i publish a tutorial on this forum ????


i tried several times to post a pointer to our blender video tutorials into the tutorial-forum here. When i do this, i get the hint, that my post will be only seen, after it has been moderated. That’s absolutely ok for me in first place.

But i also get the impression, that my contributions do NOT get through, while other contributions get through day by day… For me it looks like our contrib gets silently dropped. Or nobody is currently moderating at all ? And all new contributions we see in the tutorial-forum, are from people who have got special permissions and can post without moderation ?

Am i doing anything wrong ? I am clueless… I would love to see at least our new “blender primer” on this tutorial-forum here …

thanks for any hint, how to proceed…

It is the spam blocking policy. What has been discussed here, it seems to be, that any post with combination of low post count and a link will be blocked. The bad thing in this is that it won’t say “your message has been blocked”, instead it says that it will be moderated, but it will never appear anyway.

You can try this, post the thread, but hide the link from spam check script. Something like “w_w_w.tutorialaddress.c_o_m”. I don’t know if it works, but my two tutorial threads has been blocked already and I will try again after 100 posts. If it won’t work, I guess I’ll try hiding the address too.

In the past, people wanting to start threads in the tutorial forum would get a notice that the thread needed approval by a moderator. The moderator had to vet the tutorial, made sure it worked as advertised, made sure the Blender version was mentioned, made sure there weren’t important things left out or glossed over. The idea was to have only high quality tutorials in the tutorial forum.

It was a time consuming job, and people would wait up to a week, sometimes more, for the moderator to get around to approving the thread.

Once a thread was up, anyone could post in it, ask questions, make clarifications, and so on.

These days, as hhoffren points out, there is also the spam blocking policy, which would definitely trigger at a short post with a link to another web site.

My guess is that the spam blocker prevents the mods from even seeing your tutorial. Fligh used to be the moderator in charge of tutorials, but I haven’t seen him post here in a long time. You might try PMing one of the moderators who is active, and ask about your situation.

Yes, Gaia, you should try contacting some moderator first before trying to pass the blocks by yourself, since it might not give the best impression out of you for others here. :slight_smile:

One thing I was still thinking… would posting the thread without the link work? Then just editing it by adding the link afterwards?

Ah well, anyway, how about posting the link under this thread? At least then it is in the forum’s database so people will have better changes finding it through the search function.

hi. thank you for your replies.
I sent a message to Fly and Mping as you proposed. giving them my proposition for the thread text. Meanwhile i just place the link here, as hhoffren proposed. (or maybe it is better/more convenient to start a new thread for this?):

Recently we have decided to create an absolute beginners tutorial, because so many people hesitate to at least try out blender due to rumours about complex GUI and non intuitive behaviour … So, here it is… The blender beginners tutorial is published at

We are not showing any fancy techniques, or complicated stuff by any means. It only covers the absolute basics, like how to select vertices, move,scale, border select …

Many things are yet missing and if it is of interest, we will go and make another more advanced tutorial in the same manner.

And of course any feedback is welcome, so we can improve this tutorial. BTW, the machinimatrix has published 8 other tutorials for blender, 7 of them focussed on techniques for creating content for Second Life. You might be interested in watching them too…

When you say an action is unique

This behaviour is unique over the whole application.
And this uniqueness is true for almost everything inside blender.

I believe a better word would be consistent.

This behaviour is consistent over the whole application.
And this consistency is true for almost everything inside blender.

Unique means found nowhere else, singular, nothing else like it.
Consistent means free from variation, regular, shows steady conformity to a custom.

The term view

This is the modelling view.
it is a bit like the swiss army knife for blender workers.

is generally used for the 3d window, as in Camera View, Top View, Front View. The official Blender term for the collection of windows used for modeling, animation, whatever, is Screen (that’s what the SR: abreviation stands for. Who knew, right? It’s pretty obscure and not widely documented.)

by hitting the space bar, inside the 3D view.

Immediately a pop-up selector box opens,

Now get back to the function menu, by pressing the space bar again.

The pop-up selector box and the function menu are the same thing. Pick one term and stick to it. Beginners may assume something with a different name is a different thing. I’d recommend using function menu. I generally think of selection boxes as the things in the window headers with the double triangle icons like the mode selector, or the draw type selector. The larger, more general lists I think of as menus.

And it is even possible, to use the space navigator from 3d connections,
which is a fabulous navigation hardware for 3D en-vironments.

True, but in a beginner’s tutorial?

We can look into our function pool again,
and search for suitable tools.

function menu.

All in all, it looks like a good beginner’s introduction to the interface and some of the tools.

Hi, Orinoco;

Thank you very much for your input. I agree with all your comments and we will take care of this in our planned update of the video (probably beginning of next week. There are some minor issues, we want to redo).

one word to space navigator: Our primary target group is for SecondLife builders. And we believe, seeing the space navigator supported by blender gives sort of an additional kick :wink:

But otherwise you are right, its not a beginners issue…

So i will take care to make the wording more consistent along our other enhancements.