How can I put hair on a cactus

Actually, I would like to not use hair and fur modifiers and etc. I ask this, because I understand there is a way to take a surface and to randomize along its curvature. I think it’s the old way of doing things.

So my question is, for example if I have a sphere and in addition I created some small blades. How can I multiply the blades randomly around the sphere. Like grass and etc. except I’m trying to make not too realistic cartoon cacti and joshua trees.

If I’m wrong about this, and I have to use the fur setup in blender, than I would appreciate an example of that instead.

Thank you

You use a hair system, that is a particle system, but instead of using segmented hair particles, you tell set the system to use an object instead. That object would be one of the spikes on the cactus which you modeled yourself. It is quite common also to model several similar object with some slight variation and put them into a group, and use the group instead of a single object. This avoids the issue of every spike looking identical.

Regardless of whether you use a single object or group you can easily change things like random sizing, rotation, by using children you can clump them. And of course you control the number of emitted spikes.

A hair system just means that the system is not being shot out of a canon, and stays put mostly.

Ok, I ended up using the hair particles. It’s actually very nice.

how about some nice side burns and moustache?

Maybe rub some Rogaine on the cactus. :slight_smile:

You can also use a vertex group and weight painting to paint the hair density.

Tequila if you want hair on the chest! Since there’s already silliness present…

They say Alpecin is da best for the man :D. Dunno about cactuses tho.
Sry… :smiley:

Hair with zero particle amount and edit mode Add allows for nice “planting” either one or several hair strands at once so that depending on the chosen sort of cactus you could go in and just stroke over where and how the needles are needed.