How can I randomly rotate objects

I am modeling some panels which have nuts and bolts all over the place. I created an array of bolts that will go on some beams. Here is a screenshot

I would like to rotate the individual bolt heads randomly. I was looking at the array modifier options and noticed there is an object modifier that can be used, except I don’t want a gradual increase or decrease in the rotation. Instead, I want them to be rotated individually and randomly. What would be the simplest and most efficient way to do this? I will have hundreds maybe thousands of the objects I would want to apply this to!

I thinks its doable with a particles and than use hair strands, than use a group of bolts to do this. Here you can randomize the bolts rotation. Here’s a link from andrew price which uses the same technique

you could select all objects then object menu transform and then select rendomize rotation!

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You could do it a couple ways, but basically use a particle system. Select the faces you want the bolts on and use weight painting. Then you would have to set the particle system to emit that many bolts. You could also place faces where you want them with an array modifier and emit the bolts out of them faces,
Here is a sample blend.
bolt_random.blend (695 KB)

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Create a vertex group everywhere you want a bolt. Emit the hairs from verts. Randomize the phase.
In some way this is better than an array as you can leave out the odd bolt here and there easier (I left out one bolt on the left side). You don’t have to render the emitter, although I did here.
nuts.blend (834 KB)

Thanks everyone, I used RickyBlender’s method. It’s the simplest and gets it done. However, I ran into an optimization problem. Maybe someone can help with this. After creating a nut, I apply an array modifier. After I do this, I have to tab into edit mode and individually use l, to select not connected vertices and p to separate from the object. This is very time consuming. After that, I have to select all objects and do origin to geometry. This is all because if I use the randomize transform, the objects move all over the place. So I know what to do, but is there a simple way, for example to array an object and keep the origins and objects separate? Is there a plugin or option I missed?

Thats why the other solutions are more simple. If you do this by particle and you apply it, they’re all separate already just the way you want them

Just hit P and select “by loose parts”