How can I record high quality animation into avi format?

does anyone have a clue?

and ohh by high quality animation i mean kinda like Square-Enix quality not as good but kinda that level and so it works perfect without any lags

how will it be played? On the PC that is regulated by the processor, ram, etc. So the speed of the computer determines how well it plays back, it’s not as much file size.

By Square Enix I’m assuming the same quality you play back on your Playstation. That is running off a hardware system made for it, so it’s probably not the best comparison.

If you are exporting to a dvd for viewing, then save a raw avi and use your dvd writing software to burn it to dvd.

Other than that, you are talking MPEG-2 quality, which is dvd and broadcast television quality. Not all pc’s will play it smoothly, but most newer ones will. Try quicktime with the Sorenson codec, it should be pretty good quality and should play back well.