How can I recreate this distortion effect?


There is an object from a game that I would like to recreate but I need assistance in recreating the visual distortions. I’m including a short clip I made and what I am interested in is that ‘wavy’ effect. Textures and everything else shouldn’t be an issua. The reflecting nebula can be simulated with my own HDRI background.

The wavy distortion almost looks like a spiral ripple but it changes behavior at certain distance.

Clip link:

Thank you for any advice

I think this mostly use procedural shaders.

Possibly, any advice how to simulate something similar in Blender? I tried toying with refraction shaders but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but they’re not distorting objects behind it (yes, I have space refractions turned on everywhere)

This is beyond my knowledge but I’m sure the material do the most part here. Let’s hope someone with better knowledge will help you.

Yeah I’ve been thinking using the texture itself as a factor of refraction but as I said, it doesn’t seem to work right