How can I reduce the required VRAM for my Blender scene?

I know this has been discussed and that there is an art to this (somewhat), but I have a unique scene and I’m not sure why its requiring so much GPU RAM. I have 66 image planes sourced from PNGs with alpha channels. Basically its lots of text Im bringing into a 3D space to do some animations. The PNGs on my hard drive total about 600mb. There is one camera, one plane set as an emission object, and a sun. Thats it. The Blender scene when loaded says 7900mb and when I do a Shift+Z or attempt to render the frame, it goes up to about 17000mb and then of course throws the CUDA out of Memory error.

Here’s my question. Is there a way I can get my scene down to under 6GB so I can render on the GPU? I dont need shadows, or AO or reflections or many other things, and I’ve turned off what I know I don’t need, yet this project is still being a hog.

My PNGs vary between 4.5k X 6k or 12k X 8k. The high resolution is so the text stays somewhat sharp in Blender when the camera gets close to it. So its legible. Obviously I can have all this text as an actual mesh object or my problem would be a thousand times worse with all this text. The image planes were supposed to help avoid this problem.

When it comes to image textures, the file size on the hard disk can be misleading, as the file will most likely be heavily compressed. The renderer, however, needs to have access to the uncompressed pixel information. Because of that, a single 8-bit RGBA image texture in 12K x 8 K suddenly needs:

12,288 x 8,192 = 100,663,296 pixels
8 bits per channel x 4 channels = 32 bits = 4 bytes per pixel
4 bytes x 100,663,296 pixels = 402,653,184 bytes = 384 MB of continuous unfragmented memory space.

And that multiplied by 66…
I guess by using text objects (Why even convert to mesh?) you would only need a very tiny fracture of that memory amount…

Why do you need textures with such high resolution? keep in mind that higher texture size wont always make the render look better. downscale your textures would be my first suggestion.
also try to limit your polycount as much as possible.

go to File > External Data > Pack all into .blend, save the file, and send it to me. let me have a look, ill make a video response when i get home.

Yes that is exactly what’s happening when I add the textures. A 50mb PNG might make the memory usage jump by 150-200mb. The reason I am not just using the text objects is because there are so many, navigating the viewport became so slow and cumbersome it was unmanageable. Using the text objects would be ideal, but as text objects the same scene takes 21,328mb of RAM and was even more untenable than working with the PNGs.

Would using .tifs or .tga’s with less compression (larger file size) take up less memory? If so maybe that’s the way to go?