How Can I Remove a Texture from a Blender File?

As the title says, I want to remove unused textures from a blend file. The question refers to Blender 2.49b.

For example, starting with a new blend file, I append an object from another file (a mesh that had been UV mapped). I create a new material, delete the original material and remove the image texture that was linked to it. I create a new material, load a new image, UV map it to the mesh, and create a new image texture using this new image and link it to the new material. However, in the UV/Image Editor window, when I click on the double arrow icon to the right of Image, the list includes the original texture. If I click on it, then click on the X to the right of the name to delete the link to the image, then save the file, when I reload the file, there is now a 0 to the left of the original image’s name, but it’s still listed.

Is there a way to eliminate the original/old unused image(s) from the file?

Do you know if checked the package option? If so, I think you’ll have to load it to some UI again, and uncleck that.
Did you look through the outliner to see if it’s being used bt anything?

This can be tricky in 2.49… if you save and reload the file and the texture has a 0 by it, save again, close blender, restart blender and reload…should take care of it. This has been improved in 2.5 series.

Here’s a detailed step by step that covers all bases:


@cire792, I don’t understand what you say about “the package option”. I did look in the outliner and did not see any use of the image.

@revolt_randy, when there is a ‘0’ in front of the image, saving the file, closing Blender, and reloading does not get rid of the image. I looked at your link and I believe it may contain the solution. Since it’s a bit complicated, I’m waiting until I can get a good night’s sleep, then I’ll try it.

Thanks to you both.

For a long time I had an image in the UV image editor that I couldn’t get rid of no matter what I did. In the end I just reset back to factory default (from file menu) and manually put back the preferences as to how I liked.


I got some sleep so tried the procedures described in the link you provided. I was able to perform each of the first two methods, but they did not remove the image file.

I then tried your “Communist State Secret for Removal of Unflushable Images” procedure. Although it did work eventually, I encountered two issues. First, the displayed list of images did include the unwanted one, but the number to it’s right was ‘0’, not ‘1’. Second, when I selected the unwanted image name in the list (so its name showed as the file listed above) and then pressed ‘F’, nothing happened! After some experimentation I discovered that if I right clicked on the name so it was highlighted, then pressing ‘F’ did add an ‘F’ to the right of the name. Following the rest of your procedure did remove the pesky image–thank you.

Glad you got it… You know, removing a texture should be something so simple, yet it has been one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do in blender. Thankfully, this has been greatly improved in the 2.5 series.