How can I remove jagged edges around the object?

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Using Film > Pixel Filter > Type > Gaussian, width 4px made it a little better, but the whole picture became blurry;
  2. Denoising, nothing;
  3. Lots of render samples (1000), it only removed the noise but not the jagged edges;
  4. Increasing the values for the Subdivision modifier doesn’t smooth the edges.

I don’t use any render settings, I just hit F12 and it rendered my other projects just fine. I don’t use the compositor thing too, but I don’t know how to mess with it.

What jagged edges? :face_with_monocle:

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You could see on the sides and especially on the top. Like the edges are evaporating in pixels, I don’t know if the term “jagged” is right here :sweat: English is not my native language.

I’m looking at the full-size image and don’t see anything wrong. If you mean the subtle crossfade between the cup and the background along some curved and angled lines, this is perfectly normal, antialiasing at work.

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Lukas are you talking about the grain in the shadows?


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No I can remove the grains (noise is it called?) without problem, but even with it the edges are jagged. Maybe something wrong with my eyes, but when I zoom out from the final rendered image, it’s very clear to see those bad edges.

ohhhh right the antialiasing thing, it kinda triggers me though, but I guess it’s normal to see this?

If you zoom out (or in) on the picture, then the resizing algorithm of the viewing software takes over. It says exactly zero about the quality of your renders. You should be worried only about artefacts that are present when you viewing it at 100% size (of which I see none on the picture).