How Can I Render At The Highest Quality Video Possible (No Compression)

Hello I’m trying to render out a video. I have played with the setting with no joy. The plan is to get the video looking like the originals. It got better but still degrading when lots of object was in the scene.


One solution would be to render to .PNGs, then import those in VirtualDub and save as uncompressed AVI; note that the file will become tremendously large; depending on the resolution, you might not be able to play the video because your hard drive cannot read the data fast enough.

Thank you :slight_smile: so your saying blender can’t save uncompressed formats, when I look at sintel and tears of steel they both look amazing with very low degrading.

No, I just said, “one solution would be…” not “the only one solution”. Anyway, you can choose AVI Raw from blender. This will also create a non compressed AVI (if this is really what you want). You can find it in the “Output” tab, not the Encoding tab.

Thank you didn’t see that lol yes that’s what i wanted. from the raw file i can save at any Size/Quality I want :slight_smile: Nice!!! :slight_smile:

wow 6 sec at 300 mb lol i see what you mean lol