How can I render bloom in a transparent background?

I’m a bit confused with the way Blender renders my work, here is the render preview from the program itself:

And here is the image when I save it as .png format:

I want the result like in the first picture, the bloom is visible but when I save the image it’s gone. I’ve tried adding compositing nodes to fake the bloom but it doesn’t look good. Any ideas?

Edit: ok I recommended some videos but I was unable to make these solutions work as well


Try this:

The bloom is a bit weak in the saved image, but can be easily enhanced.

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after following the steps, I get transparent letters in the compositor and when I save it only the bloom stays:

First video didn’t work, the second one does but it’s weird, I’ll upload the results:

from the 1st video

from 2nd video

the second result is so far the best, but I see those weird light ray things, will they be visible in a video background or do I need to use a denoiser for this?

I have to say I haven’t tested their solutions, these two were among the first results but there are other ones:

If you test the other solutions I guess I’m not the only one who will be interested

Edit: OK I’ve tried and also failed, it seems like some other solutions work but they are rather tedious… this is the kind of thing that should be implemented in Blender by default

There is this one tutorial down below that might work, but as far as I understand it works for single renders only:

Blender Tutorial: Getting Bloom+Transparency in Blender (Eevee and Cycles)+ Export To .png - YouTube