How can i render only the UV image?

I trying to make a earth globe, used UV sphere and a world map on that. I need a export option that allow me to render ONLY the texture on the globe(+ backgrounds). I uploaded some screenshots about the project:


So, i want a render output where my globe looks like in the “texture paint” menu
There is any easy solution that i can use? (again: I’m not a pro)

Thank you for help guys!

Hi :slight_smile:

I think what your are looking for is simply named a “Bake”.
Basically it allows you to render toward a texture map, instead of the projected camera view.

There are a lot of tutorials on doing this on Internet :wink:

See you :slight_smile: ++

Not sure what you are asking for, but I think what you want is this…In the texture paint window…there is the Image tab…the image is from the UV data…so click image and then save as (save as something) then in the shader editor…use that image as your Base color…

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It’s a bit hard to understand what you mean but it sounds like you want to use the alpha channel from the texture to make those parts on the globe transparent.

If you are using eevee then just connect the alpha output of the texture to the alpha input on the principled bsdf shader, then change the blend mode in the material settings to alpha blend:

Thanks for the help! This alpha/blend settings saved my life :>