how can I render the wireframe as well as the model?

Hello all did a search for “render wireframe” and it brougth it a bit too much. Was looking at this model from another blender artist

and was wondering what settings do i use so i can render the wireframe as well as the model?
I look at my render tab and didn’t see it?
Now as I am writing this am wondering if the settings under the model tab would do it?
Thank you

There are these ways mark all edges as freestyle edges and use freestyle post propcessing
Or use the wireframe modifier in latest builds

Something basic that you didn’t actually tell us is the renderer you want to use.

Thank you Richard.
Good point about the render type. Didn’t even think of that. I was going for cycles. trying to get into the habit of using cycles and learning it.

Some options in no particular order:
option 1: Wireframe modifier in blender latest builds
option 2: Cycles Wireframe node
option 3: Freestyle. This use the blender renderer but use the freestyle pass to combine with your cycles render in the compositor. This gives the most flaxibility

Thank you Richard will try it out today.