How can I replace a part from a model to another one (ex: replacing a hand from a model to another

Hey how can you modify model parts ex: hand leg or anything like that.?

Do you mean take part of a mesh and move it to another object? If so:

  1. Select the part of the mesh you want to copy over to another

  2. Hit Shift + D (Duplicate)

  3. With the new duped part selected, hit P

  4. Select “by selection”

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Or do you mean from one file to another?
In which case you can go to File > Append

can I pose it with the original model if not how can I link the original part nodes with the new one?

If you mean with bones, then just apply the modifier before you copy the part of the mesh. If you don’t want it applied to the whole mesh, just make a copy of the whole entire thing first.

  1. Copy original object

  2. pose to heart content

  3. go to the modifier tab and hit “apply” for the armature

  4. move the part of the mesh to the new object

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