How can I replicate this edge glow effect on blender?

I want to replicate these subsurface-like border glow

The closest one in fact is the subsurface shader, but it usually produces a very smooth gradient, instead of the sharp contrast on the edges that i want.

I’ve tried many things:

My guess is that I can’t make it with blender shader nodes, but I would like to see some other ideas first. Thanks!

… you could have a look at bevelling… the bevel mod… the bevel shader (cycles only - but I think this is your closest match) …

I’ve tried it already. I also tried baking bevels in. The problem by using bevel is that it is very obvius from the front:

While at the back, the effect is not the same:

This lighting effect is kinda elusive, I have no idea how to search it around.

Hmmmm. … you could try…

Centre of square is defuce green
Border is defuce green added to translucent green using a add shader

Probably best in eevee…

It’s an interesting effect…l 6l

Otherwise, maybe look at beer (Blender’s Extended Expressive Renderer)