How can I resize UI controls?

Hi, I’m new here so i should introduce myself :slight_smile:

I’m a coder in some non-prof. group founded by me, we are trying to make some space-shooter and in a lack of founds we need some free software and I’ve heard that blender is the best in this field.

Now I’m trying to learn it but after a few years of using MAX it’s not too easy for me:]

Since blender’s forum appears to be down:/ i’m trying to get the help here and have 1’st question - how can I resize those UI buttons because on 1024x768 they are almost invisible which is especially tough for newb. like me:/

BTW We still need new concepts, models, textures and anything that would be helpful in finishing our project, so if you have any links, samples or maybe any free time:> we would appreciate any help…

that’s all for now
cheers and keep the good work that I’ve seen on this forum today :slight_smile:

Just zoom in, the same way you do in 3D view.

By that, he means Ctrl+alt+LMB. The mouse wheel will just scroll side to side.
Also, you can simply resize the window itself, then right click>(whatever panel alignment you have) to refresh the panel size.

press up crtl-uparrow when the cursor is over the buttons window to show them in full screen mode. Helps me when I have a lot of numbers to input into the UI.

NumPad + and -


WOW, thx for such fast reply :slight_smile:

a few minutes ago I’ve found a way with Ctrl+wheel but doesn’t think that there’s so many possibilities:) I’m playing with blender for ~1-2h and already starting to love it;)

My 2’nd Q is about *.3ds import/export - probably we will need that feature so i looked for it among py scripts and… Didn’t find it:/

as a coder I know that 3ds format is quite simple and it would be strange if such a program, handling dozens of formats doesn’t have standard 3ds I/O :expressionless:

I still hope that I missed smth :slight_smile:

Ctrl + MMB and roll mouse up and down will zoom

Do a search on the site for 3d and import/export. I’m sure it has been asked.

You might also like to click on “Help” in the Blender header and select “HotKey and MouseAction”. The info needs updating but it is usefull

I hope you’ve seen this thread.

Click for cambo’s python tools site for a 3DS importer/exporter.

You can also resize the buttons window and press HOME.

You may want to use internatinoal fonts in the system header, so you can use smaller and antialiased fonts, which good for smaller resolutions.

Move the cursor over the UI buttons and press HOME.