How can I reverse a sequence?

I’ve just downloaded Blender and decided to get started editing some intro sequence templates for my Youtube channel. I want this template to play in reverse when I render it. Upon scouring the forums I noticed people saying “just do it in Final Cut,” or “go to the video sequence editor, open properties and under the filter section click backwards.” Neither of these options worked for me as I don’t have access to Final Cut, and my properties window in my video sequence editor is missing the filter section. Part of the problem may be the video sequence editor’s failure to recognize the template as a movie, and instead only acknowledges it as a “Sound” type of file, despite video playing (without the audio that’s supposed to be there) in the 3D view.

These are quite a few problems rolled up into one post, but the main question I have is, how can I render this sequence to come out in reverse?

I’m sorry for the wall of text, and I appreciate any help. Thanks.

If it is just a Keyframed Animation then you can go to the Graph editor. Select everything and Hit S for Scale and X and then Type -1.
This will reverse the Entire Keyframe Setup.
If Physics or Simulation is involved this doesn’t work of course. Unfortunately you can’t set Render Steps to a negative Value nor can the Start Frame be higher than the End Frame. I will keep experimenting a bit. Maybe there is another way.

If your clip properties does not have the Filter panel with the ‘Backward’ option, show us what you actually see. Ensure you have selected the video strip and not an audio strip