how can I rotate around a specified axis(not X,Y,Z)?

I create an aircraft, it has a flap on each wing, I want to rotate the flap around the axis along the wing (it’s not parallel to X,Y,Z axis in both local,global mode)
Is there anyway to do this ?


in edit mode select an edge that lies along the direction of rotation
then ctrl+shift+c > “add and use edge” > give the edge some name
transform manipulator on >rotate manipulator
back in object mode
use the correct ring on the widget to rotate the object (around the axis you chose)


Thanks :slight_smile: it works beautifully

And from me, too. Perhaps, steeve, you should thinking of collecting such tips and posting it somewhere (Maybe in the tutorial forum). Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

yes makr, it is a good idea and should be done. i will try to find some time. the thing is, it takes a lot of time to put together a good clear explanation of some process like this!

Oh I just find out where it is :you can do it through the menu View-> Transform Orientation, I saw this menu many time before but didn’t bother to try it, my bad:mad: