How can i rotate particles around the direction they emerge?

The top left view shows the underside of these hanging particles. Imagine they are fruits hanging. You’d want to be able to rotate the fruits around their downward direction they hang by so they look like the below image (underneath view mocked up in Photoshop):

But I cannot find how to do this in Blender. Any ideas? Thanks.

I think what you want to do is to go to the rotation tab in the particle system and set the initial orientation dropdown to “normal”. Your particle object may need to be reorientated so the right axis is pointing outwards. You can also change the random slider under phase to get the things looking like your lower image. Hope that helps.

Nice, I didn’t know this could be done. Can I slip an extra question in?
Is there a way for child particles to inherit the “random” orientation their parent has? It seems to apply to parent particles, but the children still all face the same direction.
What I’m modeling is a hive, your tip fixed the problem where half of the bees flew belly up, thanks, but next I’m wondering if having them facing different directions has a fix too, or if I’ll just have to make more particles and ditch the children.