How can I rotate the camera in this situation?

Hi! My first post here. I’m a beginner on Blender so I hope I don’t sound annoying lol.

So, I’m doing an animation where I use two restrictions (at Object Constraint Properties) on my camera:

  1. Follow path: Targeting a Curve Path, Fixed Position option turned on and using Shift Factor;
  2. Track to: Targeting my main object.

Since the movements of the camera are blocked by these two restrictions, I can’t use rotation. I wanted to do an axis rotation.
Is there anyway there I can allow my camera to still do all of these things and still do an axis rotation? Or can I reproduce the same situation but in another way?

Thank you for your time and attention!! :+1:

If all you want is rotation – then create an empty, add a ‘copy rotation’ constraint to the camera with the empty as the target, and set the constraint’s ‘mix’ variable to ‘add’.

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If you want to tune the transforms of the camera, after those constraints, I would personally make an empty, give it the same transforms and constraints as the camera, delete the camera’s constraints, and parent the camera to the empty.


Thank you! :handshake:

Thank you! I did this but a little bit different.
I created an empty, applied the rotation to the empty, pointed the camera to the empty with the “Track To” and enabled the option “Target Z”.
It worked perfectly.

As i remember there is a 0-100% slider in constraint options, that allows adjusting the movement while having the constraing to do most of the job.