How can I save the Blender Wikibook as a PDF?

This subforum seemed the best of all my options, so I’ll ask it here:

Is there a downloadable PDF version of the current BlenderWiki, or is there a way I can save it all as a PDF?

(This is the page I mean )

I just got through reading the wonderful book “Blender Basics” by Jim Chronister, reading a few chapters every day on my hour long train ride to work. I’d like to read the entire Blender wiki now, having nothing else to do. Why not read it online? Because the train is underground and can’t get any internet signal, so I can only use saved files such as PDFs :confused:
download the application it has the capability to save as PDF

This is what the site itself says
No idea if it works
It will be created as a Printer. Now When You print your file and select the PDF Printer, it will create the PDF File.

there is a user manual PDF for 2.49

but not available for 2.6 yet !

never tried to download HTML page by page and convert to PDF!

let us know if you succeed !


For that see video -
or go to

@Ricky - it works :wink:

but this does not save all pages only one page at a time !

you could also save it as HTML page then re open with iopen office then save it as PDF !

but you cannot download the whole WIKI pages for the Manual yet !


i also have the same problem. no easy solution found, the only thing that partially works for me is HTTrack, this application download the entire web site so you can see offline, but not as PDF but as HTML, you can see it with your broswer. the only diffect is that for downlad the site you need long time, maybe you can convert the site with open office in PDF. i don’t try it yet cause i,ve limitede internet our and i haven’t completly download it.

Let me know if it work so i’ll try it too, and try to convert the wiky in pdf to make it avaible for othr user :smiley:

don’t forget this 2.6 manual is far from complete yet!

so for me i prefer to wait till is is more complete
and at that time it will probably be already available as PDF anyway !