How can I sculpt "fur" on a jacket like this?

Hello, I am still working on my Tracer jacket and I struggle to sculpt my own. I cannot come up with a way to sculpt “fur”
like this:

I need to have it in geometry for the best possible display and now that I have a new workstation, I can pump the details up pretty high.

I’m only a beginner myself, but depending on what your are going to do with the ’ fur ', creating game graphics or just recreating it for some image, then maybe may look at a micro displacement tuturial, Blender Guru has one or two.

sorry I can’t help further

Im just recreating Tracer for display in a UnrealEngine render :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip, that could work.

If you want to sculpt that you can just use a brush texture like clouds, Voronoi, or image etc.