How can I see the render settings of certain rendered images afterwards

Hi guys,

Just a quick question. Im testing out some different render settings in Blender. Im trying different sample amounts and stuff. I have rendered the same image with different settings in different slots…

my question is…is there any way that I can see what settings I used for a specific image? Such as render time, sample numbers etc? Cause I didnt write it down …If not, is there an addon that can do this ?

And as a follow up question… whenI render an animation and its done… Do I have to go to the output folder to view the animation, or can I see the result in blender itself? I can’t seem to find a playbutton for a rendered animation inside blender itself…


As for the animations the only way i’ve done it is to either view it in the output folder in windows, or you would import it into blenders video editor then you can do stuff with it. Maybe it automatically imports into blenders vid editor i cant remember. Bottom left hand corner icon you should see options including ‘movie clip editor’

also, there’s Metadata under Render Properties & this thread: Addng My Own Property Values To The Notes Render Stamp

otherwise (for me), the safest bet is to have a scene file copy saved along (with only what’s needed to be remembered, ie: scene settings without geo, lighting, textures…)