How can I select separated object in Sculpt mode with a tablet pen?

I enjoy studying sculpting in Blender. I started using a small Wacom Intuos tablet. The experience on using tablet is great. But I have difficulty in using keyboard shortcut with tablet. Because there’s no middle mouse button on a tablet pen. I activate ‘Emulate 3 Button Mouse’ in Preferences to use MMB.

I wonder how I can select/switch other seperated object in sculpt mode. For tablet, I deactivate ‘Lock Object Modes’ in edit menu on the top. I selected other object with Alt + LMB with my mouse. But now Alt + LMB drag is performed rotating view in 3D viewport. So I need to change keymap or find out other shorcut.

Could you tell me how to change keymap to select separated object in sculpt mode. I want to sculpt on separated two object.

That is a perfectly valid way to solve the problem.
You can also select active object by clicking on its icon in outliner.

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Under preferences keymap switch from name to key-binding. In search bar type the shortcut as shown in the image. Maybe choose Ctrl Alt Left Mouse

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Thanks a lot! I’ve changed select key-binding as you guided me.
I works good.

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Glad it works. :- :+1: