How can I send a PM to a member?

How can I send a PM to a member?

Have you tried clicking on a username?

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Yup, many. But no field to PM

Could you please share a screenshot marking the button?


I don’t see yours (or anyone else). Did you configure to not receive PM?

Hmm, that is odd. Here is mine on mobile:

Ah, I think I understand what happened here. You’re a new user, and new users can’t send PM’s to other users until they become a ‘basic user’. Ironically, your activity during this conversation seems to have bumped you up a user level (it’s achieved by reading, participating etc), so if you go back to that screen you should now see that message button. Could you confirm please?


Haha, yup! Working now! ; )

Thanks man!


I’m facing the same issue. Will someone please engage with me in a conversation so I can achieve basic level.

hop around the forum, give some feedback on #artwork:works-in-progress or leave some kind words on #artwork:finished-projects you like.

If you have any blender related questions, hop onto #support and ask for help, any engagement counts, it wont take you long.


Thanks, now I have become a become user.