How can i Send my game

hi guys . i want to know how can my game work another computer without application installed, like the computer’s games

UPBGE is bundled with the “save as game engine runtime” add-on which exports the game.

thank you but what needs new computer for working my game after i send it the fil that i take it blender

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Depends if you packed into the blend or got a folder structure.

  • in user preferences activate “save as game engine runtime” addon.
  • now you can file->export-> save as runtime
  • while doing that select the option to copy python/dlls.
  • now put you folder structure at the same location as the .exe you axported.

now it should run.

you can also look at my: Game settings / launcher
To get an idea, or use the launcher itself, all up to you, if you use my launcher you don’t have to make an .exe unlless you change the launcher.

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Oops, i forgot that i added a ready to go setup, this one has no .exe, so if you want to use the launcher, then you can simply create a .exe from the launcher.blend, and let it open your gamefile.blend.

So you can also avoid gpl on your .blend, because my launcher is already opensource for everyone.

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thanks bro . i don’t know how can i do that ( setup)
please please can you gave me a video or steps to track it

He means this.

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