How can I show AC current with emitted particles

I’m trying to visualise AC current in a slightly unusual way.
Ideally I’d like to have emitted particles moving in two directions.
One set move in a one direction with the speed of a half rectified sine wave then stop.
While the other set move in the opposited direction with the speed of a half rectified sign wave then stop.
The two keep alternating and ideally could be switch on and off, although that’s not necessary.

I’m just about ready to give up trying to do this with particles unless anyone has some suggestions.

I can achieve this with duplicate objects all following one object’s fcurve but there are a lot of electrons to add that way.
Appreciate any recommendations please.


Have you given boids a try? Maybe by letting them follow a goal (mesh) you animate along a path?

I’ve tried boids but not along a mesh path. They just catch up with an object when one is moving along a set path.
I have just got reasonable results by setting the Newtonian timestep to a known driver. It does create small groups when stationary but seems to work ok.