How can I simulate a rigid body with multiple masses?


I have a very simple model that I would like to respond to physics in a very realistic way. It has four components, which are currently each a model: the top, middle, bottom, and weight. It should behave similar to a Weeble (picture of weeble). They have a light top, and a heavy bottom. Combined with their curvy shape; unless you do strange things, they will always return to an upright position.

My scenario is a tad bit more complicated. I also have a center section that rotates. A weight is attached to the outside of it, which should weigh the whole object down. It should also respect the forces on the rest of the object; like the heavy bottom.

I attached a picture of what it looks like currently. I’m not too attached to anything I’ve done so far, so I’m open to ideas. How is something like this done?


Make sure your object masses and centers are in the right place, and use rigid-body joints for hinges, and then it should all work fine!