How can I snap one extruded edge to the next parallel edge?

I have a number of nonmanifold faces (? edges) and what I think are called long faces. I therefore cannot select faces on part of my model. I need to delete these long faces and then edge extrude where my faces would be. I have provided the file. Tusp 45 34451194102.blend (615 KB)usp 45 34451194102.blend (615 KB)he area I am concerned about is the ribbed area above the handle on the top view.

you can either use the snapping functions ( shift S ) or weld ( alt M )

Thanks Modron. I will give it a try.

Modron I tried them both and neither would work. I know I can merge the points or line them up by sight, but I thought there would be a simpler approach.

ugh, why do people think that modelling with the knife tool is a good idea?

go into the select menu on the header bar and choose non manifold from the menu. delete every thing that gets selected.
that deals with those funky interior faces.
now select all these inside faces that are on the funky end and delete those. delete the long faces from the sides and select the edge that is left behind. making sure you have the entire length selected, extrude down 2 times to join with the mirror modifier.

now you should just be able to clean up the final section, the slope on the “roof” where everything was messed up in the beginning. if you did the last section right then all you will need to do se select everything on that panel, delete and then select all the top edge and all the lower edge and use looptools> bridge to connect all the faces. do the same for both sides and now you can get on with modelling again

Thankyou for the input from everyone. Small Troll, thank you for the long description. I am relatively new to 3d. I will give it a shot.