How can I solve the seamless uv distortion?

To be seamless, it must be deployed like this
Distortion occurs
Is this correct?

If deployed in this way, it will not be seamless
Also, why is this uv deployed diagonally?

Hmm assuming the texture is tillable

I would unwrap the top and sides in aplus pattern and stretch it to bound

If you dont need the bottom that is

Best bet would be to recreate the pattern using 3D procedurals in object space coordinates and bake the result down to pretty much any UV layout you want.

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What about textures that cannot be created procedurally?

You must use a tilleable texture for that. There’s not another way. Procedurall or tilleable textures


you can try using box mapping, however it doesn’t work well on sharp edges like in a cube

That’s a good one!

Thank you
I will use procedural or texture paint
I give up some distortion

Doesn’t work either. Unless the texture is specially crafted to do it. Imagine Red up/down ramp along x, and green up/down ramp along y. Texture is seamless but you can’t texture top and bottom faces with it and have it align with all the others - only two of them.

If the texture can survive blending and doesn’t have any strong directional features that needs to survive, you can use a texture mixer setup to drive different cube mapped setups, each cube driven with its own empty. This can then be baked down to any UV layout you want. The nice thing here is that as long as you don’t animate, you can add randomness to this so that each instance of the mapping looks slightly different (only the blending texture, not the cube maps). I’ll see if I can whip up an example, as this may be a bit on the advanced side and hard to explain and understand I guess :slight_smile:

Here is a whipup and result:
TextureMixer.blend (962.3 KB)

Not too bad for a 260x230 pixel image texture.